Control Valves

VR400/VR800 Series

Class "A" Servo Regulated Combination Valves

The VR400/VR800 series class “A” servo regulated combination valves are suitable for the control of gaseous fuels in gas consuming appliances according to international standards. The VR400 Series valves are used for control and regulation of gaseous fuels in gas fired power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, melting furnaces, incinerators and other gas consuming appliances. These combination valves are available in three different versions: VR415/VR815 (pipe sizes 1/2”) VR420/VR820 (pipe sizes 3/4") VR425/VR825 (pipe sizes 1”) VR432/VR832 (pipe sizes 1¼”) VR434/VR834 (pipe sizes 1¼”)