Oil Accessories

Oil Viscosity Control OVC

The Hauck OVC Oil Viscosity Control takes the inconvenience and guess work out of burning waste, recycle and heavy fuel oils.

To properly burn waste and recycled oils, they must be heated to the optimum viscosity to burn cleanly and efficiently. This has, until now, required an operator to manually test each load of fuel oil to determine the correct temperature set point for the oil heater. Since recycled oil loads can vary greatly in composition, the temperature for one load can be much different than the temperature for the next load. The Hauck Oil Viscosity Controller automatically monitors the viscosity and adjusts the temperature of the fuel oil for optimal combustion, removing the requirement for manual testing. Set the unit set point to the desired viscosity in SSU and let the controller do the rest. Features & Benefits: • The fuel oil viscosity controls the pre-heater temperature instead of the pre-heater temperature controlling oil viscosity • Provides constant automatic fuel oil viscosity at the burner • Improves burner performance by eliminating oil viscosity fluctuations especially between loads of fuel • Improved efficiency to the transfer oil heating system by eliminating excessive burner fuel heating by the transfer oil • Eliminates the constant manual monitoring and checking of burner oil viscosity • Easily retrofitted to existing oil transfer heaters.