Oil Accessories

Oil Pressure Regulators OPR

Oil pressure reducing regulators are necessary to step down oil supply pressure to pressures suitable for various burner/combustion applications.

B and BBC oil pressure reducing regulators are single seated, spring loaded, direct acting regulators that will reduce a high inlet pressure down to lower operating pressures commonly found on industrial oil burners. B model outlet pressure ranges are listed below and are suitable for No. 1 and 2 fuel oil and kerosene. Maximum inlet operating pressure is 150 psig (1034 kPa). The regulators may also be used for air service. Fluid temperature must not exceed 200°F (93°C). BBC regulators are suitable for No. 4, 5 & 6 fuel oil, Bunker C and waste oils. The valve is suitable for fluid temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). Maximum inlet pressure is 250 psig (1724 kPa). The 1000HP-1+6 atomizing air differential pressure regulator is used to proportion compressed air flow to fuel (typically for heavy oil applications).