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Line Heater Oil LHO

Oil Line Heater - Oil to Oil Transfer Type

The Hauck LHO Oil Line Heater is designed to supply the heat necessary to lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oils to that required at the burner for proper atomization. This typically requires lowering the pumping viscosity (nominal 2000 SSU maximum) to the atomizing viscosity (80 - 90 SSU). Auxiliary components can also be supplied to control fuel oil temperature and prevent overpressurization of the oil line heater. Hauck’s LHO’s are available in a wide range of sizes to meet specific application requirements. Features: Rugged construction Compact 4-pass tube design Removable tube bundle Stainless steel tubes Automatic temperature control with auxiliary regulating valve Overpressurization protection with auxiliary relief valve Benefits: High efficiency heat transfer Long service life Eliminates undesirable temperature variations Capable of using existing transfer oil