Oil Accessories

Electric Suction Oil Heaters SHE

Suction Oil Heater - Electric Type for heating oil to the proper pumping viscosity

The Hauck SHE Electric Suction Oil Heater is designed for applications where heavy grades of fuel oil must be heated to the proper viscosity to facilitate pumping the oil from a storage tank. The use of an electric oil heater frequently eliminates the need for long steam and condensate line extensions or new steam generating installations in situations where steam is not available for heating. Since the temperature of the stored oil does not directly affect the temperature of the oil delivered to the burner system, the storage tank can be filled at any time with cold oil without affecting the system. Start-up time of the oil system is minimized and oil heating is accomplished quickly and efficiently. Features & Benefits: Uniform Heat Transfer Removeable heating elements Heats only the oil required Reduces coking Eliminates the need for costly tank insulation Precise digital temperature control Low watt density design Rugged construction UL Listed control panel Minimal field wiring Long service life Safe operation with control panel and oil flow switch