Oil Accessories

Electric Oil Line Heater LHE

The Hauck LHE Electric Oil Line Heater is designed to supply the heat necessary to lower fuel oil viscosity to that required at the burner for proper atomization.

Designed to lower the fuel oil viscosity from a nominal pumping viscosity of 2000 SSU (4.3 X 10-4 m2/sec) to the atomizing viscosity of 90 SSU (1.8 X 10-5 m2/sec). The heater’s unique design allows for heat exchanger tubes to be easily removed to facilitate cleaning of any coking buildup. Hauck’s LHEs are available in a wide range of heating inputs from 10 to 250 kW to meet specific application requirements. Features: Precise digital temperature control Low watt density design Rugged construction Removable heat exchanger tubes for ease of cleaning Removable heating elements Oil flow switch UL listed control panel Minimal field wiring Benefits: Five year heating element warranty Uniform heat transfer Reduced coking and maintenance downtime Long service life Safe operation with control panel and oil flow switch