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Digital Pressure Control System DPS

Digital Pressure Control System for Time Proportional Control of dryer draft or furnace pressure by modulating a mechanical exhaust damper

The Hauck Digital Pressure Control System (DPS) continuously monitors and automatically controls dryer draft or furnace pressure by modulating a mechanical exhaust damper. A differential pressure transmitter measures dryer draft or furnace pressure and supplies a 4- 20mA signal to the pressure control instrument. The microprocessor-based controller provides duplex time proportional control outputs. Two ten amp solid-state relays are used to drive the exhaust damper actuator. The duration and direction of actuator travel is determined by the difference between measured draft or pressure and the controller’s setpoint. The DPS system has been designed for stand-alone operation or to interface with Hauck BCS burner control systems for dryer applications. It includes provisions for holding the damper closed prior to exhaust fan start-up. The controller has full PID capability and an integral 30Vdc transmitter power supply. Switches are also provided for manual control. See Section E for detailed operating instructions. A complete DPS system consists of the following items: Controller assembly Transmitter Transmitter signal cable Exhaust damper actuator Actuator control cable Manifold kit (includes transmitter mounting bracket, shutoff cocks, filter and fittings; ¼” OD stainless steel tubing supplied by others).