Valve Trains

Prepiped Oil / Heavy Oil Manifold POM/POM-H

Factory assembled prepiped oil train that permits easy, fast installation. The manifold is available for light fuel oil (POM) or heavy fuel oil (POM-H) applications.

The POM manifold is designed to meet industry-accepted safety standards for fuel oil delivery to combustion systems. Additionally, the POM is packaged to provide optimum convenience and ease of maintenance. Each POM is equipped with the following items: • Mounting Rack • Inlet Ball Valve • "Y" Strainer • In-line Flow Meter • Low/High Oil Pressure Switch • Inlet Pressure Gauge & Needle Valve • (2) Automatic Safety Shutoff Valves With Visual Indication and Valve Open/Closed Switches • Outlet Pressure Gauge & Needle Valve Each POM-H is equipped with all of the above and the following additional: • Low/High Oil Temperature Controller • Normally Open Return Solenoid Valve • Return Line Ball Valve