Valve Trains

Prepiped LP (Liquid Propane) Manifold PLPM

Pre-piped liquid propane manifold designed to meet industry-accepted safety standards for liquid propane delivery to combustion systems.

The PLPM is a liquid propane manifold is a factory assembled prepiped LP train that permits easy, fast installation. The manifold is available for liquid propane and various propane/butane mixtures. Additionally, the PLPM is packaged to provide optimum convenience and ease of maintenance. Each PLPM is equipped with the following items: • Mounting Rack • Inlet Ball Valve • "Y" Strainer • In-line Flow Meter • Low/High LP Pressure Switch • Inlet Pressure Gauge & Needle Valve • (2) Automatic Safety Shutoff Valves With Visual Indication, and Valve Open/Closed Switches • Outlet Pressure Gauge & Needle Valve • (3) Safety Pressure Relief Valves