Single Burners

XPO™ Indirect Burner

XPO™ Indirect burner, engineered for superb performance in liquid-backed tube solution heaters.

Maxon XPO™ burners are low temperature burners for use in liquid backed applications. They provide high efficiency operation with low excess air requirements and are designed for ease of retrofitting into existing liquid backed applications. XPO™ burners are available in two basic versions: • Packaged (PB) with integral combustion air blower • External blower (EB) for use with an external combustion air source for extended capacities Both packaged (PB) and external blower (EB) versions include two different choices for blast tube lengths. A 2 foot or 4 foot long blast tube is available. Blast tube length should be selected based on the wall penetration depth or non-liquid cooled portion of fire tube. The packaged (PB) version also includes a choice of blower voltage and a choice of air/fuel ratio control actuators. MAXON requires the use of parallel positioning control systems. For indoor, general purpose installations, use Honeywell SLATE™ or equivalent system. For outdoor or hazardous duty service installations, use MAXON SMARTLINK® MRV control systems. Features & Benefits: • Low temperature burner for use with clean fuel gases • Single digit NOx emissions at 30% excess air • High efficiency with low excess air requirements • Capacities up to 8 MBtu/h with 3:1 turndown ratio • For use in indirect fired solution backed heaters