Single Burners

SLS™ Technology

Maxon's patented method of reducing NOx and CO emissions.

MAXON Corporation believes in responsible, intelligent use of energy to produce a better quality of life for everyone, worldwide. We invest in developing innovative technology and the best combustion minds to deliver clean, efficient solutions for our customers. MAXON products feature robust technology, delivered in a practical way, because it's the responsible thing to do for the environment and the population. SLS™ Technology reduces NOx in industrial burners by reducing prompt NOx formation in the reacting flow field. This advanced technology is an innovative method to merge stabilized, lean premix technology with flexible nozzle mix advantages. Covered by two US patents, the SLS™ Technology in MAXON products produces extremely low emission of NOx and CO without sacrificing performance or reliability. Look for the SLS™ tag on MAXON burners like the OPTIMA™ and M-PAKT™ Ultra Low Emission Burners.