Self-Recuperative & Radiant Tube Burners

Low NOx Self-Recuperative Burners ECOMAX LE

ECOMAX® LE is Honeywell's next generation self-recuperative burner, offering best in class NOx emissions and improved efficiency.

Low emissions, self recuperative burners for indirect (radiant tube) heating of furnace systemsBest in Class NOx emissionsFlame and Flameless modes: switching temperature of 850°C (1560°F)Up to 7% improved efficiency over standard ECOMAX®3 burner sizes covering a capacity range of 36 to 100 kW (136 to 378 kBTU/h)Packaged with BCU4 series controls & valVario valvesGas type: natural gasFlame velocity: 120 to 150 m/sControl: ON/OFF or HIGH/LOW pulseCeramic recuperator