Pilot Burners

LVDT-HC Pilot Burner

The LVDT/HC-pilot burner is a plug & play nozzle mix pilot designed to be mounted on AIRFLO® “LV”, “HC”, DELTA-TE™ and COMBUSTIFUME® burners.

LVDT-HC Pilot Burner Product Image
The LVDT/HC-pilot burner is a nozzle mix pilot, designed to be mounted on AIRFLO® “LV”, “HC”, DELTA-TE™ and COMBUSTIFUME® burners. The plug & play design provides extremely easy mounting and maintenance. All components including the spark ignitor, can be reached and/or replaced from outside the process air duct. The flame scanner can be isolated from the process by means of a stainless steel ball valve. Once installed on the burner mounting flange, the 2” pilot tube of the LVDT/HC pilot penetrates through the process air stream into the burner endplate. Its complete stainless steel construction makes the LVDT/HC-pilot burner suitable for processes with high temperatures, humidity and/or pollutions. Using fixed orifices, the LVDT/HC-pilot burner does not require adjusting of air and gas flows, reducing set-up times drastically. Features & Benefits: • Stable pilot flame in combination with MAXON AIRFLO® "LV", "HC", DELTA-TE™ and COMBUSTIFUME® burners • Rugged design • Burns natural gas, propane and LPG • Suitable for all kinds of process air heating applications; thermal incinerators, supplementary firing burners etc… • Complete stainless steel construction • Plug & play design • Optimal access for maintenance • Factory-adjusted, no field refinements required • Available in different tube lengths up to 13.12 ft