Glass & Oxygen Burners

Air-oil throughport burners WTPU

Water cooled throughport burners for regenerative glass furnaces.

WTPU burners are compact, water-cooled burners designed to be inserted into the port neck of a regenerative glass furnace. The burner is fitted to the Eclipse Retraction Mechanism to withdraw the burner from the furnace when not firing. Use of the Retraction Mechanism ensures consistent combustion quality, which is essential to achieve high glass quality. The burner produces a conical flame, and multiple burners can be placed in a single port. Features & Benefits: • Reduced fuel consumption. • Refractory cost savings. • Reduced batch carryover. • Reduced burner cleaning, giving more consistent performance. • High glass quality. • Low atomizing air consumption. • Compact burner and water jacket design. • Suitable for all grades of oil. • Atomizing air, steam or gas.