Direct Fired Furnace Burners

Beta gas and oil burners BBG/BBC

All-purpose, high input, Multi-fuel combination burner for industrial applications

BBC Multi-Fuel Combination Beta Burner is designed for durability and long life in continuous or intermittent operation in a variety of heating environments. Low air and fuel pressure requirements make it an ideal all-purpose burner for applications including thermal fl uid heaters, oxidizers, rotary kilns, gypsum kettles, air heaters, and incinerators. The BBC also operates in applications under pressure or suction. Features and Benefits • Capacity range: 2,900 kBTU/h to 109,000 kBTU/h (760 to 28,920 kW) • Fuels: any clean industrial fuel with a higher heating value of 500 BTU/scf (19.7 MJ/nm³) • Alloy or refractory tile • On-ratio turndown varies with fuel type and excess air • High quality, rugged steel design • Low air and fuel pressure requirements • Engineered to operate across a wide range of air/fuel ratios • Available options include: • Lightweight converging alloy tile • Converging or diverging refractory tile • UV fl ame supervision • Insulated versions for preheated air up to 900°F (480°C) • Pilot ignition • Low pressure atomization for light oil or liquid propane • Compressed air atomization available for high altitudes or heavy fuel oils