Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM)

Viewing Heads S70X/S80X

Single channel Viewing Heads available in UV or IR sensors used for oil fired burners.

Model S70X/S80X viewing heads are used with 700, P531 or P532 signal processors and are ideal for single-fuel applications where a high level of discrimination is not required. The viewing heads contain UVTron with pulse technology making them ideal for low NOx burners where there are small and slow moving flames. ​Features & Benefits:• Multiple models (IR or UVTron) offer application flexibility.• All models include electronic check (no mechanical shutter) for self-check of the system.• S702, S702PF, S706 and S706PF models are 1.48" barrel diameter and are made of aluminum.• S802 and S806 models are 1.14" barrel diameter and are made of stainless steel.• Quick disconnect cable includes two LED's to assist in setup and self checking of the viewing head. PF models have a factory installed cable.