Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM)

Signal Processors Model 600U

Rectifiation based signal processor to be used with Flame Rods to detect presence of a flame.

The 600U Ultra Flame Rod is a reliable flame detecting system which measures rectified current flow through a flame rod when in contact with a flame. When the rectified current is above the preset value, the flame relay is energized. LEDs indicate rod fouled and rod grounded and a display provides a visual indication of the flame signal and flame relay to show system status. Features & Benefits: • Capable of connecting to ignition coil or ignition transformer. • When using with an ignition coil, the flame rod serves as an ignition rod. • Six numeric LEDs arranged vertically provides a visual display of flame signal. • High/low gain plug in selection. • Flame rod grounded indication. • Flame rod fouled indication. • Flame Rod fault indication.