Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM)

Gas Igniters GHE

Continuous operation, high energy spark Ignitor to directly ignite all gasseous fuels for smaller 1-3MMBtu/Hr Capacity.

Designed for continuous operation, GHE igniters are non-fouling, inextinguishable, high-energy igniters. The self-cleaning igniter spark tip reliably ignites fuels regardless of accumulated hardened oil and debris on the tip. Three stage ignition and internal mix technology allow for consistent operation, which overcomes problems associated with external mix that are ambient temperature dependent. GHE igniters are the ideal choice for high energy output and reliable ignition.​Features & Benefits:• GHE gas igniter system consists of a custom length igniter system, power pack and interconnecting HT cable.• Multi stage ignition and stainless steel pilot nozzle.• Self cleaning spark tip will work with accumulated hardened oil and other debris accumulated on tip.• GHE1-3 has flanged connection and GHE2-5 has quick disconnect or flanged connection.• Quick disconnect for HT line.• Optional NEMA 12, 4, or 4X cabinet available for power pack.• Power pack is available in 110 or 220 VAC input.• Optional optical flame monitoring​.