Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM)

Flare Stack Monitoring System Watchdog III

Remote mounted UV viewing head that detects the presence of a flare stack flame to insure unburned toxic waste gasses are combusted and not released into the atmosphere.

Built rugged to last, the Watchdog III Flare Stack monitoring system reliably monitors flames from remote locations under difficult conditions such as dust, fog, heavy rain, snow and background sun rays. The ability to connect to an existing ignition system, and its ground mounted design, make it easy to install and service without flare shut down, saving valuable time and money.Features & Benefits:• System consists of a P222 signal processor and S256BE viewing head with a 50 foot interconnecting cable.• Not affected by the sun which allows viewing head to be located anywhere around the flare stack.• Easy to set up with multiple LED's and pushbuttons.• Lightweight and low power consumption.• No moving parts ensures reliability.• Easy installation and service with no plant shut down or flare interruption required.• S256BE ground mounted viewing head has a 1000 ft. line of sight range with 40 ft. diameter target (at 1,000 ft.).• P222 signal processor can be remotely mounted.