The PrimeFire FH is Honeywell’s latest innovation in glass forehearth technology with a patent-pending burner/block design that provides a maintenance free, long lasting product for container, e-glass, and wool glass making applications.


The Honeywell PrimeFire FH is the next generation technology in oxy-fuel forehearth applications for the glass industry, including Container, e-Glass, and Wool Glass (c-Glass) applications. This latest technology offers a cooler running burner & block for increased product life, reduced buildup on the nozzles for maintenance free operation, and significant improvements in NOx and Fuel Consumption levels as compared to air-fuel premix equipment for forehearths.

The burner is designed with a unique burner and block combination and can be ordered/configured with or without fittings, a choice of standard pipe lengths, choice of block material, and with or without hoses. The burner is designed for use with Natural Gas and is available in three sizes to provide the best performance possible across a range of capacity needs.

  • Burner, PrimeFire FH, 5-17 SCFH
  • Burner, PrimeFire FH, 9-35 SCFH
  • Burner, PrimeFire FH, 13-50 SCFH
  • Block materials available include Fused Mullite and AZS depending on the customer’s application.

    • Next Generation Oxy-Forehearth burner technology
    • Cooler running block and burner for up to 50% longer product life
    • Patented burner/block design to reduce circulation, glass residue buildup, and virtually eliminate maintenance
    • 80% reduction in NOx compared to Air-Fuel Forehearth solutions
    • 60% reduction in fuel consumption as compared to Air-Fuel Forehearth solutions
    • Flamelength gets shorter as burner is turned down
    • Three capacities available
    • Two block materials available standard

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