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A Single Source for Combustion Service

Your business is too important to take unnecessary chances. That’s why successful manufacturers put their trust in Honeywell. Honeywell Combustion Service keeps equipment safe, reliable, efficient and clean. As the industry’s oldest combustion service organization with over 160 dedicated professionals and decades of experience with combustion systems, we are a single source solution for comprehensive combustion services and programs across the globe. Honeywell Combustion Service offers a full range of services and support. Our combustion specialists have broad know-how in industries ranging from metals, automotive, asphalt and glass to food & beverage, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. Almost any operation with fuel-fired equipment can benefit from Honeywell Combustion Service.

Core Services

Honeywell Thermal Solutions’ global service offerings address some of the world´s most critical challenges around safety, efficiency and productivity. Read below to learn more.

Product Support Field-based support for Honeywell Thermal Solutions is at the core of our business. If you require product or application support, our service team can service all types of combustion equipment from Honeywell Thermal Solutions including Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Honeywell, Kromschröder and Maxon, as well as from any other manufacturer.

Burner Set-Up & Performance Tuning A poorly tuned burner not only causes poor flame quality and affects emissions, but it can also shorten the life of the equipment and be extremely costly. Our service experts will thoroughly check, recommend efficiency improvements and properly set up your system for maximum efficiency.

Combustion System Troubleshooting Honeywell Combustion Service has extensive knowledge and cross-industry exposure troubleshooting all types of combustion systems in all types of environments to help minimize or eliminate downtime.

Regulatory Safety Checks & Preventative Maintenance Our team of service experts can conduct annual combustion device checks per NFPA Codes & EN Standards and perform proactive preventative maintenance to identify opportunities for improving the safety, productivity, efficiency and emissions of your process heating equipment.

Start-Up and Commissioning Our team is trained in performing initial start-up of new combustion equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. Our services also span to product retrofit installation support and emission compliance testing.

Training Honeywell Combustion Service specializes in many types of combustion training including: general combustion workshops with live-firing demos, industry specific combustion seminars and our customized on-site training developed to focus on your specific combustion equipment and personnel training needs.

Performance Demands Reliability – How Healthy is Your Equipment?

Understanding equipment health and managing risk is core to not only understanding your current performance, but also being able to plan for the future. All combustion equipment will need service and routine maintenance throughout its lifetime. Our trained technicians can help you:

  • Mitigate production losses caused by unplanned shutdowns and slowdowns – potentially saving millions of dollars per year.
  • Use predictive diagnostics to reduce your maintenance costs.
  • Identify potential problems and improve combustion efficiency, which could save up to thousands on your fuel costs.
  • Minimize safety risks to people, assets and the environment caused by poor equipment health.
  • Implement preventative maintenance programs to extend equipment life.
  • Improve compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and European Standards (EN) guidelines or the mandates of your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Combine all of these benefits into a Customized, Comprehensive Combustion Contract with Honeywell Combustion Service.

  • Product Support
  • Combustion Equipment Health
  • Combustion Optimization
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Upgrade Guidance
  • Training
  • And, coming soon…connected capabilities for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Save money by packaging it all together on an annual contract!


More Information

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